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Software Quality

The ISO/IEC 25000 (previously ISO/IEC 9126) is a standard model to assure Software quality.
We differentiate between functional and non-funktional quality attributes.

  • Suitability
  • Accuracy, Interoperabilität
  • Compliance

  • Reliability (Maturity, Fault Tolerance, Recoverability)
  • Usability (Understandability, Learnability, Operability, Attractiveness)
  • Performance (Time Behaviour, Resource Utilization)
  • Security
  • Maintainability/Supportability (Analyzability, Changeability, Stability, Testability)
  • Portability (Adaptability, Installability, Co-Existence, Replaceability)

The following non-functional quality attributes are introduced here:
  • Reliability (especially Recoverability)
  • Portability (especially Installability)

The Recovery-Testing ensure that
  • no data is lost
  • no data is duplicated
  • no data is compromised

The Installation Test checks whether
  • the installation functions correctly and
  • is user-friendly
Testing can be difficult when test and customer systems differ.
In such case, the installation should be testet on the customer side with an integration system.

The following quality attributes and their definitions, because of their importance, will be introduced on the pages to follow:
  • Security
  • Usability (Understandability, Learnability, Operability, Attractiveness)
  • Performance(Adaptability, Installability, Co-Existence, Replaceability)
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